Shop in the U.S. and Europe - SkyBOX - Receive your purchases at your home or office

Why ship with SkyBOX?

Think that the online shopping now days has no limits, you can buy from any part of the world and get your packages deliver to your door step or office with SkyBOX. You don't need to travel or order through your friends anymore.

Enjoy the big sales in the US & Europe, have the latest and newest before they arrive in your country.

NO LIMITS! SkyBOX ships your orders to your home or office, no worries about papers, customs, etc.

Besides some US & European stores may not offer international shipping, and others even though they do offer, their rates are be very high. That's why you need SkyBOX:


Some stores will offer international shipping, but you have to worry about paying taxes and duties on your own. Sometimes, you will have to pay the extra fees after you receive your package. SkyBOX offers you the calculator online to get a complete estimate of shipping fees, including taxes and duties before you make a purchase. When your shipments arrive to your SkyBOX you pay the shipping and the taxes or we hold your packages to be consolidated saving a great deal in your shipping. Besides, we fill out the paperwork for you, so you don't have to worry about papers, customs, documentation, etc. Plus, SkyBOX provides 100% of guarantee in the amount of your product in all shipments.

SkyBOX Consolidation

No limits! You Shop in different stores and ship to your SkyBOX address. We hold your items for 30 days, waiting for consolidation. Then we consolidate you packages in one international shipment, saving up to 80% over retail shipping rates.

Video Tracking

Our Tracking gives you the information on the status of your order at any time and all the way to your destination and provides a VIDEOTRACKING for each package, for you to see your orders and check their contents by video. When tracking your purchase you will find an icon with a camera which will lead you to a video streaming where you see how we process your order upon receipt and verify the contents. You can also check the documents that arrive with your packages by clicking on Scan Docs.

SkyBOX will shop for you

Have you tried to check out and find out your credit card isn't accepted in the store? No problem, you can still have your products, SkyBOX will Shop for You with our exclusive intelligent system of concierge service.

  1. You select the store and the product, fill in the form and we Shop for You.
  2. You don't have to speak English, nor provide your personal info and credit card to anybody, anymore. We place the order in the US or Europe and we pay for you.
  3. The quotation we provide includes all expenses, no surprises, and once approved you pay for nothing else. This includes local freight, customs, insurance and international shipment all the way to your door.

SkyBOX REWARDS loyalty program:

Win SkyBOX REWARD points in every transaction you made with us that you can redeem for discounts on your future shipments.


You can register up to 3 people at your account who are authorized to use the SkyBOX services and receive the shopping packages in your personal SkyBOX address. We will verify their names and process the shipments.

Refer Friend

Recommend us to your family and friends and get $15 dollars off your future shipment for every new registration who make a shipment.

Package Repacking

Sometimes items arrive in boxes that are way too big. This can end up costing you more money than it should if the carrier is factoring volumetric weight into calculating shipping fees. We will apply our Package Repacking service to packages that could be placed into smaller packaging. We remove unnecessary extra space in a package and you save money. Plus, when items are properly packaged, they're less likely to be damaged during the delivery process!


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