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In business since 1991, SkyBOX is a Cross-border ecommerce facilitator that makes international e-shopping around the world possible by providing a physical address for internet purchases in Miami and London and delivering to our clients’ home in any country around the world.

Today Paul Gartlan tells us about SkyBOX, where he has achieved unprecedented growth over the last years.

He speaks of 'Why SkyBOX?', benefits offered, and what it means to be able to shop in the U.S.

Reception has been excellent worldwide. People can get the latest products, or simply things that are unavailable in their own countries. At this time, SkyBOX has more than 250,000 registered members and currently ships to 220 countries. No competitor can make that claim! Our year-over-year growth in the last 8 years has been an increase of 50%, even though back then we were already the largest in the industry. This is the best possible indicator of the advantages we offer as an organization and as absolute leaders in the sector.

There are many small firms offering shopping services in the U.S., but none is our size or offers our service guarantee and that is what is most important to our customers.

  • Our site features the best-known security instruments for credit card use (Verisign).
  • Clients enjoy access to the world's greatest stores and to the famous U.S. sales, where prices are enormously reduced.
  • Safe door-to-door service.
  • We instruct and guide Clients through the purchasing process.
  • SkyBOX has insurance covering any loss or damage to goods and 100% of your shipment is guaranteed.
  • There are no surprises with SkyBOX!

With the new service SkyBOX Shops for You customers select their desired products in the US & Europe through an online quotation with our shopping concierge. The quotation system we offer includes all expenses, with no surprises, and, once approved there is nothing else to pay. This includes domestic freight, customs, insurance and international freight to your door. In addition, with the SkyBOX Shops for You intelligent system, customers can control their purchases at any time, with their status information. And, finally, it is possible to buy at different stores in the US or Europe with a SINGLE order. Customers can buy products at any store in the United States and Europe, by Internet or catalogue, with no need to speak English, and they don't have to give personal details or credit card information to anybody else. We consolidate the volumes in the Us or Europe to save in international shipment costs.

In the case of Brazil, SkyBOX Shops for You accepts payment methods such as international credit cards, local cards, and even slips for payment in banks. In Venezuela, it is also possible to pay with local-currency cards, and soon this will be extended to other countries. SkyBOX Shops for You has not only expanded the SkyBOX services, but has also made them affordable to a larger number of people!

SkyBOX Rewards is a customer loyalty program available to our customers. The more they buy, the more points they earn. The points can be exchanged for "SkyBOX Gift Cards", which are dollars to be used in international shipments or even to pay the SkyBOX annual membership.

It's quite simple! Points are automatically accumulated in the customer's account. All operations made in SkyBOX produce points to be automatically accumulated in the SkyBOX Rewards account. This includes the membership fee, freight and customs expenses.

Customers can track all their operations and accumulated points, immediately, and exchange them easily. The new SkyBOX Rewards program was welcomed enthusiastically by our SkyBOX customers.


SkyBOX, formed in 1991, was acquired from The Latam Airline Group by entrepreneur Paul V. Gartlan in May, 2007. In addition to being CEO of SkyBOX, SKYNET, All Carrier, Skyworld Air Cargo and SkyBOX Checkout, Paul Gartlan is the president and owner of Professional Aviation Management, which specializes in subcontracting personnel for the main Hispanic airlines, LAN and Iberia.

Paul Gartlan worked for one of the largest multinational corporations in the world, EXXON MOBIL. He was with them for over ten years, in Chile, Argentina and in Miami, FL, specializing in Finance, Treasury and Downstream Marketing.

  • 1972 - SkyNet World Wide Express Primer courier enters London & New York.
  • 1976 - Starts operations in Latin America under the name “Choice Air Courier”.
  • 1984 - SkyNet Miami is formed as HUB for America.
  • 1991 - SkyBOX was founded in the United States in 1991 and almost 500 thousand happy users rely on our services.
  • 2001 - LAN Airlines acquires SkyNet and SkyBOX Renaming SkyBOX as LANBOX
  • 2007 - PVG Group Acquires LANBOX, SKYBOX and SKYNET, LANBOX Becomes SkyBOX again.


Our Company is an international logistics and distribution enterprise that provides innovative, flexible and secure business solutions to our customers around the world.


To be recognized within the logistics and distribution industry for the development, dedication and training of our employees and the highest quality of our services.


The ONLY Cross-border ecommerce facilitator that provides a physical address for internet purchases in Miami and London and delivering to our clients’ home in any country around the world. Nobody can match that!

Paul V. GartlanCEO & President - SkyBOX


SkyBox is the leader in offering personal addresses for shopping in the USA & Europe. Within its portfolio of Business Partners, SkyBOX has promotional agreements with leading internet portals, media, banks and service companies in Latin America.

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