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About SkyBOX Consolidation

The SkyBOX Consolidation service is designed for customers who make purchases from different merchants or in various vendors in the United States and / or Europe and they need to optimize their costs. This service allows our customers to accumulate purchases on a period of 30 days. After the consolidation date, the service groups and / or combines packages sorting the category of the products bought and customs laws of the respective countries in order to make the shipments as economical and effective as possible for our customers.

Our package consolidation service is very useful, since by combining packages you are only charged for the first pound (usually higher) only once. Then you would pay the regular rate for all the other additional pounds. But sometimes it may be more convenient to ship products in several shipments of categories with similar taxes than in a single shipment with many different taxes into a single box for the single shipment pay the highest tax of all products that go in.

To make the smartest shipping and optimize expenses, the following variables are used for analysis:

  • Customs value commodity / Product category.
  • Declared value of the product.
  • Weights and dimensions.
  • Freight of each combination.

How to activate the Consolidation

1. Consolidate

This activation records the date of consolidation. From next day, the packages that arrive at your SkyBOX address are selected for consolidation. Therefore, packages would be held for thirty days, starting from the date of consolidation is activated. When performing the sending of consolidated packages you will receive an email and you will see in My SkyBOX / My shipping the consolidated shipping information.

2. No Consolidate

To deactivate the consolidation service you will enter in My SkyBOX / My Shipping and check the option Not Consolidate. From that date the packages that arrive to your SkyBOX address will be sent as usual. The packages that were awaitinf will be sent by the Consolidation process.

3. Manage your packages as you need:

If you need or wish to receive a package or packages before the consolidation date, just go in My Shipments and click on the button Send Shipment of the packages you would like to receive. All other shipments will remain pending on consolidation date. That is how you can manage your packages depending on your needs.

Note: During the time of consolidation you will be able to see the information of the packages arriving for consolidation in My SkyBOX / My Shipping.

How does the SkyBOX Package Consolidation work?

The SkyBOX consolidation service is not available to all customers. The SkyBOX package Consolidation Service simply combines several packages into a single shipment. Our package Consolidation Service is very useful as you will be charged only once for the first pound, although you are shipping multiple shipments, and you will pay the regular rate for all additional pounds. You can manage this extraordinary on-demand service directly through our website. The restricted items (Dangerous goods) will be consolidated as long as customs laws and airlines permit it. For detailed information on restricted items, consult your local customs office.

What is the fee for this Consolidation Service?

The base fee is $ 10.00 for each consolidation for a maximum of 5 packages and US$2.00 each additional package; including repacking (if necessary) and the fee could vary depending on the membership plan of each customer.

How do you activate the Consolidation Service for your suite?

You may access to your account by clicking on My Shipping in the Consolidation section. To activate this service, select the option Activate Consolidation. This activation records the date of the consolidation you desire, up to a maximum of thirty (30) days. Your SkyBOX packages wiill be held for consolidation from the next day of the date of consolidation up to thirty days. The SkyBOX consolidation service is not available to all customers.

Can I send packages before the consolidation date?

Yes. If you wish to receive a package, or packages, before the consolidation date simply go to My Shipping and click SEND PACKAGE on the shipments you want to be sent and those packages will be consolidated and sent to you. You will be charged the consolidation fee ONLY if you are requesting shipment of multiple packages. The remaining packages will be shipped to you on the original consolidation date. Once the consolidation both automatically or on demand has been made and closed, no alterations could be made to add more items or to extract items on the consolidated package.

If, during the consolidation period, I receive only one package in my suite, will I be charged the fee?

Use our Calculator for information concerning customs charges for your country. For additional information, contact your local customs office.

How Do I receive information about my consolidations?

When you request that your packages be consolidated and shipped, you will receive an email when your packages have been shipped. You can also see in My SkyBOX / My Shipping the consolidated shipping information. During the time of consolidation you will be able to see the information of the packages arriving for consolidation in My SkyBOX / My Shipping.

How do I deactivate the Consolidation Service in my suite?

To deactivate the Consolidation Service, you will enter in My SkyBOX / My Shipping and check the optionDeactivate Consolidation. From that date, all your packages that arrive to your SkyBOX address will be sent normally, and without delay.

Items we may not consolidate

Items may be considered ineligible for consolidation service because they are fragile or their shapes are not suitable: Golf clubs, guitars, umbrellas, laundry poles, skateboard, walking sticks, etc.

Package protection

Basically, we use the same package as they arrive at our storehouse. We try to use the most appropriate sized box for your items. In the event that we don't have an appropriate sized box at our storehouse, we will use a box that we consider suitable from a different source.

However, if the items were only put in a bag, we may use a cardboard box in order to prevent any damage and lost items. Anyway, we use packaging supplies in order to protect the package from possible damage that could occur in route to its destination.


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