Open your SKYBOX account in the USA and Europe, pay with your Visa card to enjoy a FREE membership for one year, and receive a US$5 credit to use in the shipping of your packages.

Addresses in the USA and Europe

When you register for SKYBOX you will get an address in the USA and Europe that allows you to buy without restrictions. Benefit from free-shipping and free-returns!


Save by shopping at all stores without paying local shipping. Ship all your packages paying one international shipment.


With your address in the USA, you can benefit from the fact that most of the rents allow FREE returns.

Video Tracking

SKYBOX is the only one that allows you to track your purchase orders and verify the content by video.

Guaranteed Price

SKYBOX allows you to know in advance the exact total cost of delivering your packages, without surprises using our calculator.

Customs Payment in advance or in your country

SKYBOX offers different types of shipping. If you choose to use the USPS (United States Postal Service) you can pay the customs in your country, only if it is required.

SKYBOX Rewards

Earn points for every dollar spent on SKYBOX, that you can redeem in your future shipments.

100% Guarantee on all shipments

Buy and Ship. Anytime. Where you want. Receive anywhere in the world. SKYBOX.

Don't you have your own SKYBOX account yet?

All you need is to register to get your SKYBOX address in the USA and Europe.