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Some US & European stores don’t offer international shipping, and if they do, their rates could be very high.

SkyBOX is your solution!

1. Sign up and you will get your own
US and Europe addresses.
2. Shop Online and ship to your addresses including your suite number.
3. Get your packages at your home or office with SkyBOX.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SkyBOX?

The majority of stores in the U.S. & Europe only ship to addresses within the continental United States and Europe. By having a personal address in the U.S. & Europe you’ll have the ability not only to buy the best available products but to subscribe to magazines and catalogs as well as access to special offers and promotions valid only in the U.S. & Europe SkyBOX will assign you a personal address in Miami and London to use as your U.S. & Europe shipping address in which to receive your packages and documents with delivery to your home or office, free of complications.

Once you have registered, your address will be as follows:

Example U.S


Example Europe

(Your name)
8601 NW 27th Street
Suite # (your SkyBOX number)
Doral, Florida 33122
United States
  (Your name)
18-21 Pulborough Way
Suite # (your SkyBOX number)
United Kingdom

Upon receipt of packages at your SkyBOX address, SkyBOX will take care of its reception, international transportation, customs clearance and delivery to your home or office.

How does SkyBOX work?

To benefit from all SkyBOX has to offer, you must first complete a brief registration form.

After you’ve registered, you’ll immediately receive your own personal suite number to use when shopping online, via catalog or telephone at your favorite U.S. & European stores or when receiving documents. All packages and documents that arrive at your SkyBOX address in Miami or London will then be delivered directly to your home or office.

In order to receive all your packages quickly and safely at your SkyBOX address in Miami or London, we suggest that you always use a reliable delivery service such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, Airborne Express, etc. and USPS (US Postal Service) and Europena Postal Service all which utilize online tracking mechanisms and require Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.).

When a package or document arrives for you in Miami or London, SkyBOX will proceed to dispatch, clear customs and deliver the package or document directly to your home or office. For this service, SkyBOX will charge the credit card account on file for shipping & handling and once your package arrives in your country, you will be billed the corresponding customs-related charges. For information on rates, please use our Calculator.

How long will it take to deliver my packages?

Lead time from the arrival of your package at your SkyBOX address to the final customer delivery (including receipt in Miami, shipment to your country, customs clearance and delivery to final destination).

The shipment lead times are:
  • Lead time for Reception and assignment to the suite: 1-2 working days
  • Lead time for Revision, handling and shipping: 1-2 working days
  • Lead time for Distribution: 1-2 working days (major cities and no customs clearance)
  • Lead time for customs clearance: 1or more working days (depending on the country and product type)
    In 90% of the shipments, the total transit time is within 4-7 working days (customs clearance not included).
    In 93% of the shipments, the total transit time falls within the expected lead time provided:
  • The suite number and customer name are correct.
  • The package has a corresponding invoice.
  • The shipment is not restricted (depending on the country) or does not require additional customs clearance procedures.
  • There is no problem billing the credit card.

Can I track my packages?

Yes, you can do this by entering your airway bill number in the corresponding field located on the home page. Please note you will only be able to track a package that has already arrived at your SkyBOX address. If you think a shipment is delayed, please contact the merchant directly to find out the exact location of the package.

NEW VIDEO TRACKING: you can see how we process your order when it arrives and how we verify its content. In each tracking guide you’ll find a camera icon that will take you to a streaming video. Plus you’ll find a “DOC” icon, so you can see the documents that came with your package.

How will I know when a package has arrived at my SkyBOX address?

SkyBOX will contact you via email when your purchase has been sent to your country.

Can others use my SkyBOX address in Miami and London?

Yes, you can register a maximum of 3 persons to receive packages and publications at your personal SkyBOX addresses.

If I have a question, who do I contact?

We are always available to assist you in the event that you have any questions or disputes related to your SkyBOX. We offer several options depending on the type of assistance you require. Click on “Contact Us” and one of our representatives will reply within 48 hours. Due to the nature of some inquiries, it may take up to 30 days to obtain a resolution, especially in cases where information may be required from third parties such as airlines, customs, etc.

Can the SkyBOX service be used by companies?


What will be my SkyBOX address in the U.S. and Europe?

Once you’ve registered with SkyBOX, your address in Miami and London will be as follows:

Example U.S


Example Europe

John Smith
8601 NW 27th Street
Suite # 123-45678
Doral, Florida 33122
United States
  John Smith
18-21 Pulborough Way
Suite # 123-45678
United Kingdom

How do I register with SkyBOX?

Registering is easy. Just complete the registration form.

What personal information is needed for me to register?

The registration page requires the following personal information:
  • E-mail
  • Password
  • Name and Last Name
  • Delivery Address
  • Telephone
  • Identification Number RUT, DNI, Passport
  • Date of Birth & Gender
  • Credit Card information

Why is the 1583 form required for sign up?

Form 1583 authorizes us to act as your agent to receive mail and packages at our warehouse on your behalf from the United States Post Office (USPS). You must provide us a copy of 2, photo IDs along with the signed form.

What type of identification is required on Forms 1583 and 1583-A?

The CMRA and their customers must present two forms of identification, one with a photograph, when completing Form 1583. Social Security cards, credit cards, and birth certificates are not acceptable forms of identification. The following are acceptable forms of identification: valid driver's license or non-driver's license state ID; armed forces, government, university, or recognized corporate ID; passport or alien registration card or certificate of naturalization; current lease, mortgage, or deed; voter or vehicle registration card; and home or Vehicle insurance policy. Identification presented must be current. It must contain sufficient information to confirm that the applicant is who he or she claims to be and is traceable to the bearer.

It is safe to enter my Credit Card information online?

Yes, you can enter your credit card information via our secure server. All information and transactions are protected by Verisign.

What are the SkyBOX rates?

Please use our Calculator for information regarding pricing for rates to your country.

Are there package weight, volume and value limitations?

For package weight and volume you can use our Calculator for information concerning limitations for your country. For a product or products of the same category that exceed the declared value of US $ 2500 an export document called SED (Shippers Export Declaration) must be processed. The cost of preparing this document is US $ 25 to be added to the costs of that shipment.

What’s the difference between physical and dimensional weight?

Physical weight is the scaled weight of a package. Dimensional weight is related to the package’s measurements and the space it occupies upon being transported. Airlines take into consideration the greater value between physical and dimensional weight when applying rates. Because of this SkyBOX applies the same rule to packages. The following formula is used:

Length x Width X Height (in centimeters) / 6000

NOTE: All TV sets require special packaging for international air transportation. The customer is responsible for the cost of the crate. The cost is as follows:
  • TVs 32"-40"= US$ 80
  • TVs 40"-52"= US$ 100
  • TVs 52"-70"= US$ 130
  • TVs 70" and up = US$ 180

When is dimensional weight applied?

When the dimensional weight is greater than the physical weight.

Are my shipments insured?

Yes, all shipments are insured. However, please note that items under $10 are exempt from insurance coverage. Items will be insured up to a maximum of US $100 of the value of the item, with the exception of jewelry and precious gems, which we will only insure up to US $500.

What are the customs charges?

Depends on the country. You can use our Calculator to have an estimate or here you will find the World Customs Organization web site to find your local customs office

Do all shipments pay customs charges?

NO, depends on the country. You can use our Calculator to have an estimate or here you will find the World Customs Organization web site to find your local customs office

New regulation for Lithium Batteries and Electronic Products that require them

As you may know, there is a risk of certain lithium batteries catching fire. New regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) restrict the shipment of certain specific types of lithium batteries, which are considered "dangerous goods". Although not all lithium batteries are affected by these regulations, be sure to check your product specifications carefully against the restrictions below.

Lithium Ion Batteries
Contained in Equipment
(not removables).

5KG Max and less than 100 Wh.
No problem shipping
Lithium Ion Batteries
Packed With Equipment
(removables but packed separate).

5KG Max and less than 100 Wh.
May need to be repacked to ship.
Lithium Ion Batteries,
Lithium Metal Batteries
and Power Banks
All instances are prohibited
No shipping batteries alone

Enclosed is a Cargo Service Notice that will further explain the new regulation and also the new company requirement for the acceptance of lithium batteries. To download, please click here.

What items are prohibited and can’t be delivered through SkyBOX?

SkyBOX cannot deliver certain items for legal or safety reasons. Be sure to check the following information before you order a product.

Some products are prohibited due to exporting country, importing country or transportation regulations.

Products that cannot be safely shipped include flammable products or dangerous items, e.g., products that are toxic or that may catch fire or explode during shipment. This category includes some everyday products such as aerosols and certain cosmetics.

What happens to prohibited items?

If you order products that cannot be legally exported or that cannot legally be sold (such as marijuana or other illegal drugs), we are not able to return those items to the merchant or ship them to an alternative address. You should be aware that they are subject to seizure by law enforcement authorities who may investigate further.

A detailed list of items that cant't be delivered


The majority of the airline operators with immediate effect have implemented a total prohibition on the carriage of balance wheels, hoverboards and other self-balancing vehicle from being carried as baggage, cargo, mail or courier.

Any item with alcohol listed as its first ingredient   Fragrances
Any kind of paint   Natural products and vitamins
Batteries with liquid chemical products   Perishables Products
Chemical Products & substances   Spray (of any kind)
Cleaning solutions (Liquid)   Tattoo machines and accessories
Foods & Beverages   Tobacco
Animals (living or dead)   Military uniforms
Any flammable, corrosive or explosive item   Pornography
Blood   Pressure containers
Cash, traveler's checks   Hallucinogenic products, Psychotropic substances and controlled substances
Explosive material, Explosives & Gun Powder   Radioactive products
Fire Extinguishers   Seeds, Plants & wood
Fireworks   Tear gas or pepper spray
Fur and animal products   Used clothing
Gas powered tools   Used tires
Matches   Weapons, fire arms and ammunitions

Perishables: require permission from Health Department of destination country.
Pharmaceuticals and chemicals: require a doctors prescription
Perfumes & some cosmetics: dangerous goods additional charge of $196 applies
All kinds of Liquids: dangerous goods additional charge of $196 applies
Machinery and parts containing liquids: dangerous goods additional charge of $196 applies
Items valued at $2,000 or more: Exceptions additional charge

We have tried to make the lists as complete as possible. There may be other items not specifically named which fall into one of the categories.

For more information on US export restrictions
Please visit or

On products subject to UK and US export restrictions
Please visit:

The above list consists of products that cannot be shipped to any country.

In addition, some countries have specific import restrictions. Below a general products list.
Electronics & Computers
Movies, Music & Video games
Sporting Goods   


Toys & Babies products
Apparel, Shoes, Jewelry *
Health and Beauty (no include perfume and liquids)  
Tools, Vehicle and Industrial (without liquids)
Drugs and chemicals
Liquids (liquids considered DG may also pay an additional fee $196)
Machinery and parts that contain liquids

No restrictions & prohibitions apply to this category
Restricted Items, for further information please contact customer service.
Prohibited Items
* Ecuador: Forbidden send Gold and Silver Jewelry.
** Perú: Forbidden send inflatables pools.

For information on import prohibitions and restrictions, please check with the Border Control authority for your country.

Here you will find the World Customs Organization web site to find your local customs office

How does the SkyBOX Package Consolidation work?

The SkyBOX consolidation service is not available to all customers. The SkyBOX package Consolidation Service simply combines several packages into a single shipment. Our package Consolidation Service is very useful as you will be charged only once for the first pound, although you are shipping multiple shipments, and you will pay the regular rate for all additional pounds. You can manage this extraordinary on-demand service directly through our website. The restricted items (Dangerous goods) will be consolidated as long as customs laws and airlines permit it. . For detailed information on restricted items, consult your local customs office

What is the fee for this Consolidation Service?

The base fee is $ 10.00 for each consolidation for a maximum of 5 packages and US$2.00 each additional package; including repacking (if necessary) and the fee could vary depending on the membership plan of each customer.

How do you activate the Consolidation Service for your suite?

You may access to your account by clicking on My Shipping in the Consolidation section. To activate this service, select the option Activate Consolidation. This activation records the date of the consolidation you desire, up to a maximum of thirty (30) days. Your SkyBOX packages wiill be held for consolidation from the next day of the date of consolidation up to thirty days. The SkyBOX consolidation service is not available to all customers.

Can I send packages before the consolidation date?

Yes. If you wish to receive a package, or packages, before the consolidation date simply go to My Shipping and click SEND PACKAGE on the shipments you want to be sent and those packages will be consolidated and sent to you. You will be charged the consolidation fee ONLY if you are requesting shipment of multiple packages. The remaining packages will be shipped to you on the original consolidation date. Once the consolidation either automatically or on demand has been made and closed. No alterations could be made to add more items or to extract items on the consolidated package.

If, during the consolidation period, I receive only one package in my suite, will I be charged the fee?

Use our Calculator for information concerning customs charges for your country. For additional information, contact your local customs office.

How Do I receive information about my consolidations?

When you request that your packages be consolidated and shipped, you will receive an email when your packages have been shipped. You can also see in My SkyBOX / My Shipping the consolidated shipping information. During the time of consolidation you will be able to see the information of the packages arriving for consolidation in My SkyBOX / My Shipping.

How do I deactivate the Consolidation Service in my suite?

To deactivate the Consolidation Service, you will enter in My SkyBOX / My Shipping and check the option Deactivate Consolidation. From that date, all your packages that arrive to your SkyBOX address will be sent normally, and without delay.

How do I log in to My SkyBOX?

You must enter a correct User Name and valid password.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Go to My SkyBOX, enter your email, click on Forgot my Password and we’ll send you a temporary password. Log in to My SkyBOX with the temporary password and change it immediately to one that is easy for your remember.

Can I change my password?

Yes. To change your password, please log in to My SkyBOX.

What happens if I forget my User Name?

Simply click on Forgot my email to obtain your user name.

Can I change my Credit Card?

Yes. Log in to My SkyBOX, go to Personal Info and click on Update Credit Card and change your information.

What do I do if I forget my SkyBOX suite number?

Simply log in to My SkyBOX and you will see your suite number.

Can I change my country of the delivery address?

Yes. You can update your delivery address in My SkyBOX. Any package received before the address change will be delivered to the existing address on your account.

What do I do if I want to stop receiving junk-mail?

One of the benefits of having an address in the U.S. and Europe is that from time to time you will receive correspondence and special offers from stores and companies typically received by residents of the U.S. and European countries. Because we understand that you may not be interested in receiving this type of non-solicited mail we offer you the option to request whether you would like or not like to receive this type of correspondence.

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