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and SkyBOX ships all the way to your door.
  Most USA stores don't make international shipments,
and if do, the rates are very expensive.

SkyBOX is the solution!
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Here we will explain how SkyBOX Works step by step

Most US & European stores don't offer international shipping, and if they do, their rates are very high. SkyBOX is your solution!
1. Sign up and you will get your own US and Europe addresses.
2. Shop and ship to your addresses including your suite number (yours exclusively).
3. We will take care of all Duties and Taxes and you get your package at your home or office.


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The Best Global Delivery Service

Automated Warehouse Logistics Operation. Presence in more than 220 countries. We have completed our new 52,000 square foot facility allowing us to deliver the best service in the industry. We have invested in state-of-the-art technologies to equip our massive warehouse with fast, powerful and automated package sorting and storage.

SkyBOX Rewards

Our client Loyalty program. Each time you make a purchase and use your SkyBOX address, you gain points. All your transactions accumulate points that go directly to your SkyBOX Rewards. The points will be redeem for dollars to be used in the international shipping charges.


Streaming of the process of your purchases. This is an exclusive service from SkyBOX. Click the camera icon in your tracking to watch how we process your package verifying its content. You can also check the documents that come with your purchase.

SkyBOX shops for you

Our intelligent system of concierge service. You'll receive a quote with the all-inclusive price of your order. The price includes local freight, customs, insurance and international shipment all the way to your door. We place the order on your behalf and keep you informed on the status of your order at every step.

100% Guarantee on all deliveries

Sign up and we will give you 2 addresses to shop online in the US and Europe, and get your purchases anywhere in the world with 100% of guarantee in the amount of your product in all shipments. Shop & Ship. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Safety Restrictions

SkyBOX cannot deliver certain items due to safety regulations. Be sure to check the following information.